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Add Luxury and Comfort to Your Home with a Limestone Fireplace

If someone mentioned the word “fireplace” to you on a cold winter night or when the fall weather turns a bit nasty and the wind is blowing rain sideways, you might be forgiven for immediately thinking warm and cosy thoughts. You wouldn’t be alone in this because just the thought of a fireplace can put a person in a comfortable, relaxed mood.

Imagine how you’d feel sitting close to a real fireplace on one of those nights just described. After all, a home fireplace is the perfect place for family members and friends to gather. If you’d rather enjoy the crackling fire alone, you can always curl up in a comfortable chair and read a good book, letting your fireplace add the extra touch to your relaxation.

Your Home, Enhanced

One of the essential pieces of this cosy puzzle has not been mentioned thus far. Having a fireplace exquisitely crafted from natural limestone would be a true finishing touch. If this sounds as if it might be an addition that you’d like to make to your home, you can learn more by visiting the website of one of the leading suppliers of limestone fireplaces in Moreton-in-Marsh. This can be your source for stonework of the highest quality, available at reasonable prices.

The list of choices includes Cotswold limestone with its honey colour and Ancaster limestone in an array of colours from white and beige to soft grey. As you browse online or visit a showroom and talk to a representative, your eyes may settle on Portland limestone, a fine-grained stone of light grey that is part of some of the most famous structures in London.

Choose Great Tew or Bath limestone. The former is brown-veined or blue-veined while the latter generally presents a cream-coloured appearance. With any one of these choices, you’ll be enhancing the appearance of your home while also adding to its value. Work with the specialists in this sector and you can have a bespoke hand-finished fireplace in any size you want. Choose from one of the designs ready for your review or work with an artisan to create your one-of-a-kind fireplace.

Added Value

When you add a beautiful fireplace to your home or include one in your new home plans, you are enhancing value. It might be difficult to put an exact amount on the luxurious feel that you’ve added, but it’s definitely there. A survey conducted just a few years ago indicated that home buyers would pay more for a home if it had a fireplace.

Real estate agents feel the same way about showing a home with a fireplace. With the unique look of natural English limestone, the fireplace can be gas-burning, wood-burning, or electric. You can have this same effect on the look and feel of your home with just one phone call.

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