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Artificial Ponds Relieve Homeowner Stress

Stress is proven to impact health and well-being negatively. Plus, if you don’t deal with the condition, you can suffer from such ailments as chest pain, fatigue, stomach upset, headaches, and insomnia. Overstressed people often end up feeling anxious and irritable and may take up such habits as overeating or drug or alcohol abuse.

Make Your Own Backyard a Holiday Getaway

As a result, homeowners are finding new ways to cope with stress. One of the ways is to install a backyard pond. By adding a pond, the homeowner can enjoy a getaway without having to fight traffic in order to do so.

A Calming Way to Relax

So, if you are seeking a way to unwind from a hectic day at work, you can do so beside the sparkling waters of your own private pond. Whether it is the sea, a lake, or a pond, people are drawn to the soothing effects of water. The sound and flow of a trickling stream is just as calming as gazing into the reflections and ripples that are cast by the sun and the breeze.

A Low-Maintenance and Natural Sanctuary

It is said that moving water releases negative ions, which helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Plus, a backyard pond can be installed that is low-maintenance. Therefore, a well-designed pond will feature pond pumps and various fauna and flora that all work together to keep the water algae-free.

Would You Like to Add a Waterfall?

You can add water plants such as floating water lilies and Koi fish to keep the pool balanced throughout the summer months. You can also include a waterfall, depending on how much you want to spend and the features you want to add.

With that being said, building a backyard pond is not an easy installation. You do not simply dig a hole and fill it with water. That is why you need to work with a designer to configure the watery oasis. When planning the design for a backyard pond, the designer takes a number of factors into consideration.

Factors That Determine a Pond’s Design

The designer determines if the spot is ideal for receiving shade or sunlight and also regards the terrain. Is the ground steep or flat and how close is the area to the house? He or she must also figure out if the pond will need a lining or a filtration system. The proposed size and depth of the installation are reviewed too.

A Place to Listen and Retreat

Once you have the design drawn up, you will start to recognise the main objectives for installing the pond in the first place. A water garden not only reduces stress but it also forces you to relax more and concentrate on the beauty of your surrounding environment. When fish are added to the garden, it causes you to meditate and reflect, and to listen and retreat in your own special space.

The most exciting prospect of installing a backyard pond is thinking about sitting down in your favourite chair and taking a deep breath whilst watching the fish and plants. This is the ideal antidote to relieve worry and stress as well as a way to sit back and simply relax.

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