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Ghaziabad’s Boost in Real Estate Development

Ghaziabad is competing with Gurgaon and Noida to become the next hub of NCR; and with a number of ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects, the real estate sector in Ghaziabad is going to get a good boost in the coming years. With the government awarding the tag of smart city to Ghaziabad, this is the right time to buy flats in Ghaziabad.

After the commercialization of Gurgaon and Noida, it is the real estate in Ghaziabad that is attracting the attention of those looking to invest in properties and of those on the lookout for their dream homes. Ghaziabad, with a number of upcoming infrastructural projects, is set to become a residential hub and is already attracting the same interest as places like Gurgaon or Noida do in the real estate market. The government’s push for the development of Tier II, III, and IV cities has benefited the city of Ghaziabad as well.

Some of the reasons that make real estate in Ghaziabad a hot commodity are:

Road & Metro Connectivity

Ghaziabad is situated on the Grand Trunk Road, making it well connected to other cities. Also, it is very well connected to nearby areas, like Delhi, Noida, and Greater Noida. It is also connected by the Delhi Metro, providing easy conveyance to office goers; and with the metro link from Noida Sector 62 to Indirapuram soon becoming a reality, the area nearby can definitely boast of high-speed connectivity. There is also the almost completed, elevated six – lane road from NH 24 in Ghaziabad to Raj Nagar Extension that is expected to reduce traveling time between the two, from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.

Rapid Rail Transit System

Another project that will enhance Ghaziabad’s connectivity with other cities is the Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS) from Delhi to Meerut that will pass through Ghaziabad. As part of a bigger project, the RRTS will later expand to cover 16 areas of the NCR. The NCR will benefit from a high speed rail network that will allow you to travel 92 kilometers in about 50 minutes, compared to the present traveling time of around 3 hour.

City Limits

Ghaziabad, like most of the cities, is rapidly expanding. There are numerous real estate projects that are coming up in the outskirts of Ghaziabad, and if you have any kind of doubts about investing in those Ghaziabad real estate projects, then you can rest assured, as the city administration is planning to increase the city limits. Areas such as Morti, Bhovapur, Ator Nangla, Mohun Pur, and Mohiddinpur will soon become a part of Ghaziabad City.


Housing complexes in Ghaziabad have all the basic amenities, like hospitals, schools, and malls, within a radius of a few kilometers, making it an ideal location for buying a home. Ghaziabad also has a number of colleges and a number of well-known educational groups have opened their schools here. As for medical care, there is no dearth of hospitals that provide world class care to their patients.

Industrial Hub

Ghaziabad is an industrial hub, attracting a large work force from various parts of the country. The arrival of multinational companies, like Coca-Cola and ITC, has only increased the profile of the area and the region is well on its way to become an IT and BPO destination. This is going to raise the demand for affordable housing and the development of real estate in Ghaziabad is going to benefit from it.

There are numerous other things that act as boons for Ghaziabad’s real estate. The area is seeing a growth in real estate, coupled with infrastructural development. The city was awarded the tag of smart city, which means that more funds will be allocated to the infrastructural development in the city. The real estate in the city also offers housing that is more affordable, as compared to other areas of the NCR, such as Noida and Gurgaon.

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