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How to Choose a Hand Dryer That Fits Your Business

Whether you own a commercial business or restaurant, how you fit out your restroom is also important. After all, using paper towels for hand drying can lead to paper waste and sometimes quite a mess. Plus, you can go through quite a bit of paper in a short period of time, which makes the use of a hand dryer all the more attractive.

Why a Hand Dryer Is Preferred Over Using Paper

That leads most people to one question – how to choose the best hand dryer for their businesses. While paper towels may assist in drying people’s hands, they are simply costly and are not sustainable. If you want to lower your costs and keep customers and employees happy, then it is best to choose a hand dryer instead of paper towels.

How a Traditional Hand Dryer Is Designed

In order to choose a hand dryer that will best fit with your establishment, you need to consider who will be using the dryer and the drying capacity of the machine. If you are thinking of saving money, then you may want to opt for a traditionally-styled dryer. This is a more basic dryer as it does not use sensors. Instead, the user merely pushes a button in order to operate the dryer. The dryer in turn blows out hot air.

Some of the Drawbacks

Usually, these types of hand dryers blow hot air for about 30 seconds before they stop. However, these machines may run more slowly than what some people prefer. Plus, the user pushes a button, which isn’t particularly sanitary. In addition, because they are based on older model designs, traditional dryers often use more energy.

You may also want to think about a high-speed dryer for your establishment. Because some people find traditional dryers to be somewhat slow, high-speed dryers are now available. These machines dry a user’s hands in about 15 seconds. Because the drying time is reduced, less energy is used.

However, with respect to the initial cost outlay, a high-speed dryer also costs more than its traditional counterpart. Whilst the high-speed variety works quickly and is energy-efficient, it is also loud and expensive initially.

An Automatic Hand Dryer

You may also consider the use of an automatic hand dryer. This dryer operates with sensors, thereby eliminating the need to push a button. Therefore, the sensors are activated when a person places his or her hands under the dryer’s vent. So, the dryer switches on instantly when a person dries his or her hands and turns off again as quickly when he or she removes them.

People like the automatic hand dryer as it does not need a push button in order to operate. No one needs to touch the machine, which is more sanitary. Plus, the dryer only operates for as long as it is needed. Therefore, it makes the optimum use of energy. As a result, this machine is both sanitary and energy-efficient. The only drawback is the initial cost. However, the machine can save you over the long term in the prices that you will pay for paper, janitorial services, and energy.

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