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How to Create a Show Home Look

How many times have you seen an advert for a new housing development and gazed longingly at the photos of the rooms? If only your place could look half as good as that, half the time…

Of course, the developers and estate agents behind the advertising have big budgets and it’s worth it, too, as all that staging sells houses, which is the entire point of the exercise. Showhome interior design isn’t a magic art, though, and you don’t need a mega budget to get the look for yourself – you just need to follow these expert tips.

Make your rooms look as spacious as possible

Showhomes tend to be clutter-free, with the furniture and accessories selected specially to suit the size, shape and style of the room they’re in. You don’t need to replace your furniture if you can’t afford it – just remove some items so you free up more floorspace and create a wider walkthrough.

Keep the décor simple

Most showhome interiors are actually very simple; it’s meant to be easy on the eye, rather than busy and detailed. This retains the spacious feeling while letting your well-chosen and positioned accessories speak for you. This doesn’t mean blanket magnolia, though, so find out which shades and colours are trending.

Mirror, mirror

One thing you may have noticed in showhomes is the abundance of mirrors. This is because mirrors bounce light everywhere, opening up spaces and walls and guiding the eye towards them away from, say, a tired-looking fireplace. They’re also useful for lighting and opening up dark corners and hallways.

Make a statement…

…with your lighting. Lights and lamps create atmosphere and mood, they can draw attention to a great feature and detract from a not-so-great one.

New bedding

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and if you’re sick of looking at tatty old superheroes or chintz, well, a batch of new duvet covers will make a lot of difference. You should also add some plump new cushions and pillows if you can.

Up your bathroom game

Tidy away your toothbrushes and squeezed-in-the-middle-no-cap toothpaste tubes in a drawer. Buy some big new towels and get rid of limescale. Splash out (sorry) on some mid-to-top range handwash for the sink and bubbles for the bath.

Treat your kitchen well

If you’ve got into the habit of using your kitchen table and counters as depositories, break it right now! Replace all your clutter with a bowl of limes (these last longer than flowers and are actually useful) and tidy up your cookbook shelf.

Have a deep clean

That includes skirting boards and behind the sofas; sorry.

Give each room a theme

If one bedroom gets a lot of light, put up an extra mirror and clean the window. If a downstairs room tends to be a bit dark, turn it into a restful sanctuary – albeit with a couple of extra lamps. If you have a neglected spare room, put a desk and a futon in it.


Accessories bring everything together. If you’re going for a particular colour scheme or style, make sure your candles, vases and so on fit in with it, even if they’re in different rooms.

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