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Modern Climate Control Systems for the Home

The way we heat our homes is radically changing, with clean, renewable energy replacing fossil fuels, and systems are designed to be more energy efficient, as we all strive to be more eco-friendly. Until a few years ago, air conditioning was rarely seen in the UK, yet with global warming and its inevitable effect on the climate, more and more homes are enjoying the benefits of a/c, and the systems that provide heat in the home, also cool the interior in the summer months.

Air Source Heat Pumps

These innovative devices take the exterior air and either heat it up or cool it down before channelling it through the home. You can either have a heat pump installed with a new build, or it can be added to your existing system, making it far more energy efficient, and if you are looking for heat pump installation in West Sussex, there are online companies who supply and install all types of heating and cooling systems at affordable prices.

Air to Air Heat Pumps

As the name implies, this type of device heats the exterior air and then channels it through the interior by way of special ducting that runs into each room. This is a very efficient form of heating, and of course, it can be reversed in the summer, keeping the interior cool.

Air to Water Heat Pumps

If you have a wet central heating system, an air to water heat pump will heat up the water used in your central heating system and can also heat up your water tank to provide the home with cost-efficient hot water. Using heat pumps can result in significant savings, which is why many homeowners have already installed an air to water heat pump.

Domestic Air Conditioning

Some homeowners mistakenly think that air conditioning units are bulky and only suitable for commercial environments, when in reality, there are small, unobtrusive compressors that can blend in with any surroundings, and with a very quiet running mode, these energy efficient units can really give you the ultimate in climate control. Each home is different, and with a bespoke heating and ventilation system, your living area can be kept at optimum temperature by using energy efficient systems.

Energy Efficient Systems

The modern heating and ventilation systems are far more energy efficient than previous generations, and if your central heating has seen better days, it might be an idea to have a new system installed, and one that is specifically designed for your home. The long term savings on climate control makes it a viable proposition that offers the homeowner the ultimate in climate control.

Professional Advice

If you would like to know how energy efficient your current heating is, call in an expert, who can assess what you have, and might be able to offer alternatives. There are online specialists in climate control systems for both commercial and domestic environments, and a simple search should locate a company in your area.

More and more people are realising the benefits of a modern climate control system, and with online solutions, finding out how much you can save has never been easier.

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