Modern Composite Flooring Solutions for the Homeowner

If you are planning to replace your flooring at home, there are a lot more choices regarding materials than there were a few years ago, with vinyl making a comeback, and laminated solutions offer the homeowner stunning finishes at a fraction of the cost of either timber or stone. The Internet has brought with it many benefits, and for anyone who would like to explore the flooring possibilities, can simply conduct an online search, and after some browsing, a suitable contractor can be found. If you are convinced that a composite material is the right way to go, here are some materials that might be suitable.

  • Laminated Flooring – The range of finished is indeed varied, from faux hardwood to a stunning stone design, and for those who love the look of either, laminated flooring is a cost effective way to bring some luxury into the home. Safety is always an issue, and if you are interested in slip resistant flooring in Littlehampton, there is a local supplier who can provide the ideal flooring at a very affordable price. Durability is always a concern, and with the latest laminate sheeting, there is no maintenance and it is ideal for heavy traffic areas.
  • Vinyl Flooring – Another very popular choice, vinyl flooring comes in both sheets and tiles, and the range of finished allows for any décor to be enhanced. This can be laid on just about any substrate, with, or without backing, and with an established company, you would also have a first class installation. Vinyl is the choice for many homeowners who want something very durable that is easy to keep clean, and there is little to compare with regards to cost.
  • Concrete Solutions – Ready mixed concrete can come in just about any colour, and with the right hand tools, a range of finishes can be created. A layer of screed can be applied, which also gives a range of finishes, and polished concrete is the ideal covering for a contemporary home. Concrete is very hard wearing and can be finished in a variety of ways, and for many British homeowners, concrete fits in well with the existing look.
  • Synthetic Carpet – This offers a softer feel and of course, is much warmer underfoot, and with many different types, you can find something ideal. Synthetic materials offer a very durable covering that comes in either a roll or tiles, which makes for easy fitting. Chinese silk that is handwoven does bring a really elegant look to any room, and with so many colour and shade options, you can’t go wrong.

Whatever your preferences, talking to an established flooring contractor will certainly help you to choose, and with a few quotes, you will be in a position to make an informed decision. The installation is as important as the materials used, so make sure you deal with an established company that has a track record in the industry.

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