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Questions to Ask a Construction Company Before Hiring

Prior to working with a new construction team, you must find out about their background and experience within the commercial construction industry. It is vital that you thoroughly research potential construction companies if you plan on hiring the most suitable candidate. You’ll want a reputable professional who can guarantee a successful built, here are some important inquiries to make before hiring.

How much will the entire project cost?

Although it may be difficult to give an exact estimation, it should be reasonably close. Everyone can agree on the final price being slightly off by a few hundred, but it shouldn’t deviate massively from the original quote. It is important to get things in writing, once you get a detailed copy of their estimates, you can compare the original with the final product.

You should also be wary of contractors who offer a quote which is significantly lower than other companies you have approached, you should receive offers that are more or less the same, if one is far lower, ask whether they have remembered to include material and labour costs.

Have you experience on similar projects?

Would you call a neurologist to remove a tooth? Or an ophthalmologist to deal with your headache? Although they both are doctors, they specialise in different fields, just like construction companies, if they’ve no experience in the type of services you require, then you must look elsewhere. For example, hiring a contractor to work on an educational building project requires a business such as Senate Construction to manage the operation, not a construction team who specialise in residential complexes.

It is also important to ask when was the last time they worked on a project like yours, they may not have done that kind of work for a number of years but still advertise it on their website as one of their main services. You want a contractor who is an expert in the kind of project you want to create, and not just a jack of all trades.

How can I contact you?

Communication is vital when working on a project, if you can’t contact your construction team, then you’ll have major problems throughout the build. It is vital that you get a physical address for the company, and more than one contact number. It is also advisable to visit their offices to ensure they are where they say they are.

Can you provide a copy of your insurance?

Asking for a copy of a contractor’s insurance policy gives you peace of mind, if everything is in order, you won’t have to worry about any accidents or incidents occurring on the job. If they’ve the right policy that covers your property, then you can relax and focus on the project.

If you don’t trust some of the answers you’ve received from the contractor, then investigate further. There may be a genuine answer to some of the questions you weren’t fully satisfied with. A reputable contractor will have no problems answering all the above questions and more, so inquire about the business as much as possible.

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