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The Many Benefits of Secondary Glazing

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you will be aware of the need for extra insulation at home, especially during the cold winter months, and secondary glazing is a popular solution to heat loss, as it is much cheaper than replacing your windows, and in some cases gives a higher level of thermal and sound insulation. As the name suggests, secondary glazing involves installing an extra layer of glass behind the existing windows, and this significantly reduces heat loss and is a very effective sound insulator.

Aluminium Frames

Extruded aluminium that is powder coated offers both strength and durability, and with the units tailored to fit the existing windows and a range of opening styles, the glazed units are designed to blend in with the existing windows as much as possible. Click here for more information on secondary glazing and how it can make your living space more comfortable.

Thermal Insulation

Typically, heat loss occurs in many locations throughout the home, with the attic being the main area to insulate. If your loft is well insulated, the hot air becomes trapped at the upper floor ceiling level, which leaves the windows and doors as major heat loss points, and secondary glazing will reduce this dramatically, and will give the interior an even temperature with no draughts.

Sound Insulation

If you live near a busy motorway, or heaven forbid, an airport, you will be accustomed to the regular ear splitting noise that soon becomes a part of daily life. Although we do become used to this, it is very annoying, and secondary glazing is the ideal solution. Under normal conditions, the secondary frames would be face fixed onto the existing timber frames, yet if noise is a problem, it would be better to have the units fixed to the reveal, as this allows you to increase the gap between the two glazed surfaces. The optimum gap is 100mm, and this will result in a substantial reduction in noise levels.

Draught Free Environment

If you experience annoying draughts, it might be an idea to install secondary glazing, as this will provide a lasting solution to the problem. The interior will have an even temperature, and you no longer have to avoid the window armchair in the winter.

Added Security

From a burglar’s point of view, secondary glazing equates to another layer of glass to penetrate, and unless you have the equivalent of the crown jewels stashed away, an intruder would look for something a little easier. Housebreakers are opportunist thieves and are always on the lookout for a quick and easy entry, and secondary glazing is known to be a good deterrent to the burglar. The units all have interior locks, which makes it next to impossible to gain silent entry, and with so many homes unprotected, the average burglar would simply move on.

Secondary glazing is popular for many reasons, especially with listed properties where the existing windows cannot be replaced, and with a range of opening styles, the system blends in with the surroundings and takes nothing away from the character of the property.

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