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Top 12 Inverter ACs available online

Inverter ACs are being preferred more and more over normal ACs due to their effectiveness and less power consumption. However, even amongst these inverter ACs, the quality and the efficiency lies in a varying range depending upon the brand and making of the AC. In India generally for home purposes, a room requires a 1 to 1.5-ton AC. We will henceforth provide you with a productive list of branded inverter ACs which will hopefully help you decide the one you should buy. While some will have extra features, others may be more cost-friendly.

  • LG BSA12IMA inverter split AC 1-ton: This AC features Mosquito-Away technology, a 4 way swing for better air flow, a Himalaya cool feature for better cooling ,a Monsoon Comfort feature for controlling humidity, an Auto Clean mode for controlling air quality, various Energy saving modes, and Sleep Mode. A Timer mode also allows to time the AC operation for undisturbed sleep. The price is Rs. 45,990.
  • LG BSA12IBE Cheapest 1-ton inverter split AC:This AC features a3M micro protection filter to keep away dust, a Monsoon comfort mode to moderate humidity, a Fine mesh filter which kills bacteria, an Auto clean mode, an Energy saving mode, High speed cooling and Sleep mode. A Timer mode also allows to set the on and off timing for undisturbed sleep. The price is Rs. 35,100.
  • Blue Star CNHW12CAF Inverter Split AC 1 Ton: This AC features an Anti-freeze thermostat, LED display, self-diagnostic feature, air flow directivity feature, variousoperating modes (auto, cool, fan, dry and no heat) and corrosion free condenser fins. The filter is of Silver ion anti-bacterial and active carbon. The price is Rs. 39,900.
  • Voltas SAC 12VCY Inverter Split AC 1 Ton:Featuring an Anti-dust filter and a silver ion filter, a LED display, an ionizer,a self-diagnostic feature for fungus free clean air and an auto-restart feature, this one costs around Rs. 40,360.
  • Panasonic CS-YS12RKY Inverter Split AC 1 Ton: It gives about 50 percent energy saving and fastercooling, air withdust 85 % dust removal rate and an anti-rust coating with copper for long life and power savings. It costs around Rs. 39,500.
  • Hitachi RAU012HUEA Kampa Inverter Split 1 Ton AC: It has an Advanced off-timer with kaimin, auto restart, a 4-way air swing for proper air flow, filter quality indicator, power saving mode, silent mode and pre-coated aluminium fins and remote with backlit screen. The price is Rs. 44,100.
  • Hitachi RAC012HUEA Inverter Split 1 Ton AC: With a warrantyof 5 Years on compressor
    an advanced off-timer with kaimin, a LCD wireless remote controller and an Asymmetric louver movement and defrosting sensor, this one costs around Rs. 43,225.
  • Samsung AR12HV5NBWK Digital Inverter Split 1 Ton AC:It is an Energy-efficient Smart Inverter AC which consumes up to 60 percent less energy. It boasts of a Single user mode which reduces compressor capacity to reduce power usage, while continuing to provide a cool and comfortable environment. It also has a Stabilizer independent operation. The price is around Rs. 37,800.
  • Carrier 12K Superia Plus K+ Inverter Split AC 1 Ton: An E4 ionizer deodorises the room. The combination of cold catalyst, nano platinum and vitamin C filter helps in disinfecting bykilling bacteria and removing dust and other particles. The price is Rs. 33,500.
  • O General ASGG12JLCA Inverter Split AC 1 Ton: This one has a copper tube and removable and washable filter panel, a Sleep timer mode, a coil dry and auto-changeover, Anti-corrosion treatment fins, Power air flow dual flaps and dry function. The price is Rs.39, 224.
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE13VA Inverter Split AC 1 Ton: Super-quiet, antiviral, antioxidant and deodorizing filter with a left and right vane that can be automatically controlled remotelyto adjust airflow. The price is Rs.52, 010.
  • Mitsubishi SRK 13 YL-S Inverter Split AC: This one is modification of the above mentioned model. It is cheaper and has a base price of Rs. 46,490.

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