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Walter Viola On Roles Of Interior Designer And Architect

Walter Viola has felt that there has been a considerable debate between the terms like an interior designer, architect and interior architect. There have been rules that are established and responsibilities that have been tagged with these professional roles.

Walter Viola on the roles of three professions

Interior design has gained much in the field of education, and now it has become a professional education stream that has been attracting many youngsters to the profession. The decorative soft furnishing side is not followed by interior designers, and they have started following the architectural style.

There have been considerate efforts played by the media to brand interior designer as an easy job that can be done easily and there are impressions that it is easy to become an interior designer. Walter Viola never forgets to mention that interior designing has evolved from architecture and has charted an independent course of action.

The industrial revolution helped in the development of interior designing, and this has helped the arrival of the middle class who helped in the growth of this profession. The job role has evolved over the years, and there has been the development of technology and the wide use of the materials. There has been more involvement from the clients that have helped the growth of the profession

Interior designers have become more than just choosing colors and furniture and textiles and using all these to decorate a space. The interior designer of the modern arena should interact with furniture designers, product designers, architects and graphic designers and the scope of the profession is such that designer role is not the sole criteria to  succeed.

The simple difference with an interior designer is that not everybody can call themselves as an architect. This is a regulated profession that is protected by body and holds a relevant degree qualifications and registrations under the professional body. There are some responsibilities that are associated with an architect.

The creation of the building along with the redevelopment of the building along with the discussion of the ideas and understanding the requirements and project budget are some of the roles played by the architect. The local environment impact caused by the building and working closely with engineers and construction specialist will ensure that building is built within the law.

Interior designing team and architect team can work closely to get project done within time.

The other profession that is important is the interior architecture profession. Interior architect is more of a subject than that of business. Interior architect has gained more traction thanks to the development of computer programs like the computer-aided design.

Interior architect is considered more as an interior designer who would make a change to existing building to   suit the needs of the people living in that building and they would collaborate with architect taking their experience to another level.

The roles and responsibilities of three professions

Walter Viola has felt that roles and responsibilities of three professions have changed with time and there has been the development of technology also. The demands of the clients have changed, and one should evolve as a good updater of the technologies so that one can survive in this competition.

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