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What Are The Best Ways To Use A Stair Lift Safely?

When you have installed a stair lift in your home, you will want to use it as much as possible. At the very least, you will be using the stair lift twice a day when you go down for breakfast and go back up the stairs when you are ready for bed.

Comfort and practicality are one of the main things that you are going to be thinking about when you look at a stairlift designed curved in High Wycombe. Whilst these aspects are incredibly important, you should not ignore the safety aspect of the stair lift. What are the best ways to use a stair lift safely without getting injured at all?

Choose A Low-Speed Setting When You Are Using The Stair Lift

When you are on the stair lift, you should make sure that the speed setting is not too high. If you are travelling too fast, you might start to feel uncomfortable or sick. The lower the speed setting, the safer that you will be in the long-term and you will never feel like you are going to be sick.

Make Sure That You Always Use The Seatbelt Which Has Been Provided

Modern stairlifts are built to incredibly high standards. This means that all of the parts are carefully inspected before the stair lift is put onto the market. You should always use the seat belt that is attached to the stair lift. This is designed to keep you completely safe. If you are not wearing the seatbelt, then you might fall out of the chair or get jolted around.

Read The Instructions Thoroughly

When you buy a stair lift, there will be a set of instructions that you can follow. You should take some time to familiarise yourself with all of the different instructions. Then you will not be alarmed if something starts to go wrong. You can get the instructions in large print or in braille if you are having some difficulty reading the small print which has been originally been given to you.

Take Note Of Any Problems

If the stair lift starts to make any sudden movements, or if rattling and humming occurs, then you should have the stair lift serviced. It is probably not a very good idea to keep using the stair lift when it is in this kind of condition. This will keep you extremely safe.

Don’t Move Excessively When You Are On The Stair Lift

When you are on the stair lift, you need to make sure that you remain as still as possible. This is so that you will not injure yourself or fall out. Excessive movement can also cause the stair lift to become unstable or it might even break the equipment.

When you are operating a stair lift, make sure that you are aware of your safety at all times. You will feel happy and comfortable, knowing that the chances of you sustaining an injury are extremely slim.

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