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What is a Roof Window and why do People Have Them?

We’ve all seen roof windows somewhere in the past, but what exactly are they and what are they for?  Roof windows are workable windows that are built in as part of the design and the look of a roof. Sometimes they are confused with skylights and sky windows, the roof window does vary from both of these other architectural and natural lighting features in a couple of ways.

The roof window is usually the best option when you have the wish for both light and fresh air into the building. And while some people assume the roof window is just another name for a skylight of sky window, that is not so. All three of these different design features are glazed opening options that are supplementary to a roof so as to make more effective use of natural sunlight. There are also other distinctive traits that set this kind of window apart from the others, which you can also find out from expert roofing companies in Cornwall, check them out.

Larger, Can Open and Fire Escapable

A roof window is usually larger than a skylight, making it more possible to enjoy a much wider view of the sky above. Whereas, skylights are normally stationary and cannot be opened and closed. Although there are some newer designs, where it is possible to pull back a portion of the glazed panes to allow in some fresh air as well as natural light. A roof window also differs from a tubular skylight, in that the light is not directed through any kind of channel or tube to provide lighting for the interior of a building. You will often see this type of light tube design beingused in buildings where the installation of a skylight or roof window is not really practical.

If you compare a sky window to a roof window, the major difference has to do with the kind of roof which is involved. When glazed panes are fitted into a flat roof, the construction is usually referred to as a sky window. But, a real roof window is required to have a roof that has a modest amount of slope. Another important characteristic which sets these windows apart from each other is the fact that a roof window affords a means of escape from the building should there happen to be a fire or other threatening situation. This simply is not possible of the other two options, which are usually set in place and cannot be opened and closed at will.

Can Be Added

While this type of window is usually included in the original construction of the roof, it is possible to have one added to an existing structure. If the framework and the slope of the roof provides for the inclusion of this sort of window, it can be installed with comparative ease. Nowadays, manufacturers offer prefabricated window inserts of this kind that can be fitted by a professional in a couple of hours.

Having a roof window can certainly make a difference to the look and feel of a place.

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