What to Look For in a Drainage Service Company

As any homeowner would confirm, a blocked drain is not something to wish on anyone, and in the unlikely event it ever happens, swift action is required. Aside from the terrible smell, a blocked drain can cause serious damage to the building, which is why there are specialist companies that can unblock any drain promptly. If you would like more information on this industry, here are a few points to look for when sourcing a drain servicing company.

  • Twenty Four Hour Service – Drains do not work to our daily timetable, and more often than not, a blockage will occur outside regular office hours. Therefore, you need a reliable round the clock service, and preferably someone local, as they can be there in a jiffy. If a homeowner lives in Kent and needs a drain unblocked, 3 Flow Drainage cover the entire county, and with many experienced mobile teams that are armed with everything they could possibly need, your blocked drain will soon be a distant memory.
  • Competitive Prices – Some emergency services do not charge for a call out, and with no hidden charges, you can receive a quote and know that will be the price you pay. Only a well-established company could offer this service, as they have mobile teams that are working shifts, which cover the entire 24 hours, so there will be a team on call at any time of the day or night.
  • Skilled Technicians and Engineers – Drainage problems can be varied, and with qualified and experienced experts, there isn’t anything that cannot be repaired, and if you would like a thorough inspection of the drains while they are there, state of the art CCTV systems can carry out a close up inspection of every inch of the system.
  • Fully Certified and Insured – This is essential, as if anything untoward should happen, it is comforting to know the company is insured. Certification ensures best practices, and with the stringent set of guidelines, becoming a member is a seal of approval for the customer.
  • Fully Equipped Vehicles – Due to a wide range of possible drain issues, it is essential for the drainage team to be fully equipped to deal with anything. State of the art equipment ensures prompt action, and with many replacement parts stocked in the vehicle, the job can be completed without fuss.
  • Customer Focused – If the company is customer focused, they would go that extra mile to ensure total satisfaction, and with professional and polite service, a blocked drain doesn’t have to be a stressful event.

There are always a few local companies that would offer this service, but in all honesty, you should consider all of the above, and should you find a company that ticks all the boxes, store their emergency number in your smartphone and you will be covered in the event of a blocked drain. Regular drainage inspections reduce the risk of a blockage, and there are specialist companies that will check the system thoroughly.

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