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Why are Wooden Windows Becoming Popular Again?

As a number of you may be aware, beautiful wooden windows are making a comeback, as more and more people want their homes to look and feel just that little bit more cosy. That and the wonderful visual enhancement that wooden windows so aptly provide for a home, explains why people are choosing wooden windows over more modern types of materials.

However, windows are something that we just take for granted, and not that many people really take that much notice of them. So, let’s have a little look at what wooden windows are all about!

Parts and Materials

  • Each part of a window except the glass itself can be made from a range of different materials and are available made from vinyl, fibreglass, wood and aluminium.
  • But, even with the choice of newer materials available, wooden windowsare still an excellent choice and popular indeed.
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Terms Commonly Associated with Wooden Windows

  • The jamb is that wooden space which fits between the window and the building.
  • The bottom of the jamb, the part that runs parallel to the floor, is, asyou may already know,called a sill.
  • When a piece of the sill extends into the room, it is actually called the stool, although usually known as the windowsill.
  • The jamb is fixed to the building wall and is rarely replaced.
  • The sash is the part of a wood window that is joined to the glass.
  • Should a window need replacing, both the sash and the glass will have to be taken out.
  • The vertical parts of the sash are called stiles, and the horizontal parts of the sash are known as the rails.
  • A double-hung wood window consists of two sashes, an upper and a lower.
  • The upper sash can slide downward to open, but in nearly all cases the lower sash will slide upward to open.
  • Also, the bottom rail of the upper sash and the top rail of the lower sash overlap when windows are closed.
  • These overlapping rails are named check or meeting rails.

And the Windows Themselves

The pieces of glass you see in all windows are known as panes or lights. In the past, certain combinations of panes were common, such as the twelve-over-twelve type for two sashes of double-hung wood windows. This beautiful arrangement of window panes is so visually attractive and appealing that they are currently making a big comeback.

Nature Friendly

  • Wood windows are environmentally friendly if the wood has been sustainably grown and harvested.
  • Professionally installed and then looked after, wooden windows will not permit any more heat loss than doestheir vinyl or aluminium window counterparts, if the same quality of glass is utilised.
  • Wooden windows also pose no threat to human health, unlike PVC or vinyl, which can gas off toxic by-products.

Wooden windows have thus returned and are definitely here to stay!

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